Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lie To Me

Lately I have been intrigued about a series Toby and I have been watching called Lie To Me. I have always been one of those perceptive types that pretty much can sense whether a person in genuine, soulful, deceptive, have ulterior motives, etc. In a sense, I think we all inherently have it.

Even though I do have a radar, I have not always taken heed to my internal warnings.

Anyway, the series was inspired by the scientific discoveries of a real-life psychologist who can read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to expose the truth and lies in criminal investigations.
Of course, these clues would also show themselves in any other situation where someone felt the need to lie or deceive.

I have been enthralled. Since watching the show I have found myself studying random peoples faces, voices, and body language. I have been so intrigued, I have also began to do some reading online about the practice.

Nobody likes to be lied to or duped...I like the idea of being able to expose deceptiveness. Maybe that makes me a little deceptive myself....maybe my interest comes from the experience of once being married to a compulsive liar.

After watching an episode the other night, I got to thinking about lying in depth. I myself have never been a good liar. I was always one of those people where it was written all over my face if I were even telling a little white lie.

Most the time I would just fess up because it was easier to face the consequences than try to figure out how to tell a lie gracefully.

Matter of fact, even if I think a person does not believe me or is acting accusatory to me, I will appear to be lying just because I think that they think I am lying....if that makes sense.

I would be terrible at police interrogations. I would be one of those people that the police could convince that I committed a murder just by making me feel pressured, even though I would know I was innocent.

So, I was thinking about that. I wonder if even if you feel like someone does not believe you would you still display those same facial expressions and body language?????

I know there have been times I have looked guilty in the past even when I wasn't.

Just something to think about.

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