Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunsets are Beautiful Aren't They?!!

Beautiful isn't it??!!!! I love sunsets. Most people do.

You probably think I took this sunset photo....well I didn't. I "stole" this sunset pic from someone I love with all my essence.

There is a hint ingrained somewhere in this photo that will give away its origin.

Whomever guesses where this pic was taken and who it was taken by is the winner of the day!!!!



  1. Looks like Mobile Bay to me...kinda reminds me of some of the sunset pics my brother took from his sailboat while sailing there. It looks like it might be raining there to the right in the distance.

    Perhaps this was taken by Luke?

  2. Good girl Jennifer!! If you look on the horizon you can see the three buildings that make up downtown Mobile. :-)

  3. Jennifer, your a nerd...I was thinking way to deep for something so simple. I do love sunsets...all of our trees and general design of the "hoods" around me prevent me from seeing it each day, when heading west on an open road occasional evening I'm always in awe when I actually get a rare glimpse.

  4. It is beautiful but your clue about "someone I love very much" gave it away before I studied the pic