Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THe Law of Attraction

Skeptical???? Most people are when they hear the terms New Thought Movement as it's so coined. Or if your not familiar with that term try Metaphysical or New Age.

Call it what you will it's all the same thing. For the past few years I have been on a spiritual journey. Don't confuse my term spiritual with religion. What I am talking about has nothing to do with church or idol worship.

I have been on a path...a path to find the substance, that from whence we came. Not something "out there" but that stuff within. You know, like when Jesus said "The kingdom of Heaven is within". Too bad man has taken Jesus teachings and turned them into a self-serving sideshow worthy of idolatry. .....but that's a whole other post...

Well, today I wanted to go to the book store to find a new metaphysical book to read. I used to have a friend who would always jokingly refer to my literature as "weird" books. She was no where near enlightened enough to comprehend the magnitude of what was written in those books, but in her defense we all eventually find our way back to the source even if some of us find it in more arduous ways.

So, back to the bookstore. I was browsing through the "weird" book section and spotted a book entitled The Law of Attraction. I have read many books about the law of attraction...The Secret, Ask and It Shall Be Given, Infinite Possibilities, and Spiritual Economics just to name a few.

I unshelved the copy of the Law of Attraction book. As I pulled it out a single dollar bill fell out of the book onto the floor. Hmmmmm.....strange, so I began to flip through the book searching for more of the green stuff. :-)

What I found tucked inside of the book was a small card that had enveloped the dollar bill. On the outside of the card was a hand drawn heart. The message on the inside of the card read....

Your life is changing in a big and miraculous way.

What a coincidence...or is it called synchronicity??? Yes, my life has slowly been changing in big and miraculous ways for the past few years. I thought about that card and lone dollar bill...what it meant and why I had been the one to receive it.

I finally decided the best thing to be done with the card and dollar bill was to pay it forward. I selected another book in that section that I had a particular affection for. I chose The Secret off the shelf, added another dollar bill to the one that I found and enclosed the money in the card in hopes that another kindred soul will get that special message sent from the Universe.

Isn't that what life is all about anyway?? Passing it on...there is never not enough of anything. If we ALL would share of what we have no one would ever go without anything they need.

Remember the story of Stone Soup??? Let us all share so that we ALL can have...the source is unlimited for those that BELIEVE.


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  1. Random deeds of kindness never go unrewarded. The rewards may not be immediate, but someday when you least expect it......