Saturday, December 15, 2012

Got To Give It Up

It's no news to anyone that keeps up with the news or frequents Facebook that some lost or mentally ill soul in Connecticut went on a killing spree in an elementary school.

I will only slightly address the fact that the few claims I saw on FB to take their children out of school and homeschool them so they can be protected from the 'crazies' is only slightly less ridiculous than the subject that raised my hackles enough to prompt my post in the first place.

First of all, if the only reason you decide to homeschool your children is to 'protect them' then you are in for a rude awakening. Bad shit happens everywhere...the mall, on the streets, at a friends house, etc.  Homeschooling doesn't protect your child from anything but institutional brainwashing. Period.

So back to the initial reason that prompted my post.

FB Friend posts this on his wall:  'This sums it up' along with this meme..

Seriously???????  This is ridiculous in more ways than one, but for arguments sake I will stick with the foremost issue that boiled my blood after I read it.
First of all, if you believe in 'GOD' then you would have to know that a God of any sort has no limitations, therefore cannot be banned from anywhere. That's why a God is a God, it/he/she goes anywhere it wants without a human 'allowing' it to come in or out. Also, if you do believe in God wouldn't God be in your heart safe and sound???

Second of all, I was raised with the Bible/church in both home and school and it certainly didn't make me a better person. There are many times I wanted to explode on others and myself. Self control is the only thing that saved me from myself...not GOD. Emotional pain is not pretty when it manifests itself as in the case of the Connecticut massacre and others like it.
Connection with my family is what people need. Not a Bible full of meaningless words. Children need to feel understood, loved, accepted for not who they are, not for who their parents want them to be.

Let's give credit where credit is due. The Bible is just a book with words. A parents love and acceptance of who you are and quality time spent with you is what matters most.

I really wish people would understand this. When this is understood it's only then that we can prevent these sort of displaced aggression acts. 

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