Thursday, December 20, 2012


This morning  started out by taking my friend Robin to her doctor appointment to have her cast changed. A couple of months ago she broke her ankle climbing a pecan tree to pick pecans. Yes, you read it correctly. A 45 (?) year old woman was climbing a tree. You would just have to know Robin to know how this sort of thing could manifest. And here I always thought I was the adventurous one.

Since I have never had the pleasure of having a cast it was pretty interesting to watch the process of removing and putting a cast on...not to mention she failed to tell me how hot the 'cast guy' was which made it all the more of a visual experience. :-)

After the doc appointment we grabbed some lunch at McDonalds. I discovered today that Robin is one of the few people that I know..besides myself...that is not repulsed by McDonald's food.

After lunch we stopped by the Goodwill. Summer has been on a growing spurt recently and has outgrown all of her jeans that I just bought her a few months ago. I was lucky enough to find a couple that she did not object to and that fit perfectly. Thank God for small miracles.

I won't bore with details but after I got home the rest of the day just sort of went downhill. Summary: Lost postal key which resulted in me having to pay $25 to have a new lock put on my mailbox. Next, I had to get out at peak traffic hour in the dark (night blindness issue here) to pick up Toby from work because his clutch something-or-the-other on his motorcycle had broke.

I was trying my best to stay in the moment and not let me ego take hold. This is something I work on daily and I think I did a pretty good job of maintaining my composure.

All that being said, at the end of the evening I was very glad to finally be able to sit down and spend some time with my vodka bottle. So much for spirituality when there is Vodka around.

Here is my daily pic of the day. The wind has been blowing full force for 24 hours and you can tell it in the cloud formations in this pic...

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