Monday, December 31, 2012

New Beginnings

The other day while we were all three in the car I asked Toby and Summer what some of their most memorable moments of 2012 were. We all agreed the family highlights of the year was our mini vacation to Port Aransas in August and Halloween.

In hindsight 2012 was much like the year before it, drab and lifeless except for a few small exceptions. No more wasting away my days on mindless, unfulfilling activities. I plan on making changes in 2013. I'm crawling out of this hole next year even if it kills me...literally.

Here are some things I have in mind:

Birthdays. My goal is to send out tangible birthday wishes with heartfelt  messages to friends and family instead of generic wishes sent via facebook. Call me old-fashioned but Facebook b-day wishes just seem so insincere and effortless.

Wardrobe. I'm so sick of feeling like I look frumpy and plain all the time. I'm forever in athletic clothes or jeans and t-shirts. My goal is to have at least 3 stylish outfits/shoes in my closet for those very few times that I go somewhere it matters - or even just to look nice sometimes for the hell of it. Once a week! I have to look presentable at least once a week.

5K. I have been running too long not to have ran a 5K yet. Ironically, I ran across one just this morning happening in  Austin in April 2013 that will be perfect for me to prepare for. The RetroRun.

Travel. I miss getting out and exploring my area. Somehow in the past year exploring got thrown to the wayside. I know it's not possible right now for me to see the whole world but there's still a whole area of Central Texas waiting to be explored. It is my priority that at least once a month we will explore a surrounding city, visit a museum or state park, etc. at least once a month.   I am I also plan to make minimum 2 mini vacations a year to the coast of Texas (the beach). Heck, I'm a mere 3 hour drive from Dallas and I still haven't been there yet!! Even if I have to do this stuff by myself I will. I AM DETERMINED not to waste the last half of my life!!!

Facebook. I have allowed Facebook to turn me into a cynical bitch. Too many of my friends have totally different viewpoints than I do and always feel compelled to defend my stance against the masses. It's become a negative thorn in my side so I will limit my time on Facebook to reading statuses and not commenting on them unless it's hard as it may be.

Maybe it will be a good test of patience on my part. I also have already deleted all my pages that have negative pictures or memes as in political pages or animal cruelty pages. I know there are people that are severely abusive to animals out there but I don't care to see pictures of them especially since there is absolutely nothing I can do to help that animal. Also, my view on political issues/religion will not change the way another person believes anymore than what they think or believe will change mine. I will keep my opinions, beliefs and thoughts limited to my blog where they belong. In 2013 I choose to adhere to the practice of not discussing politics, religion or any other controversial issue on Facebook.

These are just a few things that I plan on changing in my life. I'm sure there are more that I will think of along the way and they will be incorporated in when necessary.

HAPPY NEW YEAR"S EVE and goodbye to 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

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