Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today was a usual Saturday for me...morning run with Bo, then come home and make brunch for Toby before he leaves for work. I also made a batch of guacamole, vacuumed the floors, swept, mopped, folded laundry, and washed a load of dishes.

Once I got done with all that I pre-made some Minestrone soup for tomorrow's brunch, cleaned some toilets then took Bo for a short evening walk and finally made it into the shower.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning on getting out early to do a bit of Christmas shopping...or at least that's the excuse I am giving to get out the house with me, myself, and my thoughts. I have been feeling out of sorts and anxious for the past couple of days. Not sure why, but something tells me that getting away from the drudgery of my household duties and obligations and the ho-hum of being a mom and a wife for a little while will ease the pain.

After a full day of all of the above listed I finally sat down at my sewing machine to work on a new quilt I have been constructing. I was finding that sewing was not even easing my tension like it usually does.

So I sit here on my blog writing and still find that I am agitated. As Summer used to say when she was a toddler and she was sick...'Something is Wrong With Me'.

Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I will feel better.....

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