Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Makes the World Go 'Round

Today was spent running our weekly errands. Bo got the luxury of an outing today too. He got his winter grooming. He apparently likes to be groomed because he always acts excited to be there. Here he is all festive and fresh smelling!!

After we dropped Bo off we ate at a local restaurant in Pflugerville called Moonie's Burger House. Toby had introduced us to this place several weeks ago and ever since we ate there Summer has requested to go back. I have never eaten anything there but the Chili Burgers. They are delicious. The bread they put their burgers on is homemade also which I think adds to the flavor of the burger.

After we ate we headed to Walmart. I was surprised that it was not the madhouse I expected it to be the week before Christmas. After Walmart it was Petco for Bo some dog food and a Santa gift, then on to HEB, the liquor store and lastly to swing by and pick up Bo at the groomer's.

When I got home I washed and folded a load of laundry and  made some chocolate/candy covered pretzel rods.

When I went outside to hang a blanket on the line I noticed a huge flock of birds that looked like their black form spread for miles and miles long over the horizon in the distance. It was a beautiful sight and I stood there and watched and wondered about them for awhile...where were they going? What kind of birds were they? How do they all fly in such unison together when there are so many of them? Considering I had never seen so many birds in flock at once I wondered if their path had anything to do with the planetary alignment coming upon us.

They were flying towards the sunset so I ran inside to grab my Ipad and took a pic of them. My Ipad is not the best device to take a pic of what I was trying to capture, but the sunset was nice anyway.

It was a decent day.

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