Friday, December 7, 2012


Once a week we do try to do family 'Movie Night' . We rent a movie that ALL of us will enjoy and pop up some Jiffy Pop popcorn . I mostly like doing movie night during the holidays or on very cold nights, otherwise Summer will be out and about playing with neighborhood kids and very hard to lure in to sit down watch a movie. She gets that from me. I'm not really much of a movie person and it's very hard for me to sit through a whole movie without my mind wandering...or falling asleep.

Last night our movie of choice was 'Seeking Friend For the End of the World'. It was an okay movie but not one I would recommend to someone to watch.

Mostly it had me thinking about what people would do if they knew that the world was ending on a specific day/time. Would I still be worried about if my house were clean? If my kid studied her spelling words? If my husband got up and went to work or not?  Or would we even want to spend our last days with our chosen spouse??? It's an interesting thought if you think about it.

Needless to say I did fall asleep towards the end of the movie only to awaken to see the finale and hear a song ( The Air That I Breath by the Hollies) that was being played in the movie that I liked well enough to sing along with in my half-slumber.

Friday's are my Monday's so most of my day today was consumed with housework. I did manage to finish up some binding on a one of my quilts and I also went out and bought some tea bags to make Toby some tea. He had expressed an interest in having some tea to drink a couple of months ago ( I know, what a slacker wife) so I figured this was the day that I made him some tea. Too bad I won't be partaking in any of it being that it is UN-sweet tea. This guy can't be from the South!!!!!!!!

Okay...tootles for now.

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