Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have seen the 25 Random Things About Me "game" played through out the past couple of years of being an Internet junkie. Of all the crap stuff I get online I never had an invitation to play 25 Random Things.

The game has always intrigued me...insights that help you get to know another person better.

Toby has always accused me of being nosy. When I first meet someone I always ask a lot of personal questions....I guess it may seem nosy to some people, but my motive is to get to know that person a little better and develop a relationship with them....isn't that why we are here in the first place? Not to pretend we are someone we are not, but to let another person see your soul, to love, to connect.

Recently, I was reminded about the Random Things game on Facebook. I got to thinking about a friend of mine who confessed she could not think of 25 random things about herself. I thought how true this is of most of us. People really don't know themselves....at least not in an intimate way.

So my motive is to get to know myself in a public way.

Here are my 25 Random Things About Me:

1. I hate crowds.

2. I like my privacy.

3. I like to use curse words and find no remorse in doing so.

4. I like a dog that licks my feet, hands, etc. anything but my face or mouth area.

5. I am a slight bit prejudiced....and who isn't if they are completely honest.

6. I have a fear of vomiting.

7. I have a secret desire to own a very expensive vehicle...one with power.

8. I get bored very easily.

9. I hate to be interupted by anyone or anything, if I am busy doing something.

10. I have a short temper.

11. I don't really like children...except for my own.

12. I love and appreciate my parents more than I would ever tell them or anyone.

13. I don't feel like I have done as good a job as I could have raising my kids.

14. I cry when I watch certain episodes of Oprah and Dr. Phil or see beautiful sunsets.

15. I hate loud music unless I am alone in the car or at home.

16. I love to sightsee, almost causing myself to wreck if I am driving.

17. I am very critical.

18. My feet get hot easily..therefore I always wear flip-flops and hardly ever wear socks.

19. I have a desire to pinch or hurt the things I love.....like my husband, my childrens's toes, small animals, etc.

20. Love walking in the woods or nature trails.

21. Love to take VERY hot baths.

22. Wish that sometimes I were single and had no responsibilties like kids or husbands...only just for a selfish second.

23. Regret 80% of the decisions I have made in my past.

24. Hope to travel to South America one day.

25. Am a closet smoker.


  1. Good job completing your random list...I see a few things that we have in common...guess that's way I've always liked you, (we're both quirky...lol) and perhaps a surprise or two :~)

  2. I enjoyed your list! Like Candy commented, we are very similar! I guess that's why we're so cool, right??

  3. Oooooh! HERE'S your list!!! Loved it!