Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Weeks Highlights

We have had a pretty good week around here. Nothing exceptional, but certainly nothing disastrous which I am always thankful for. I feel I got a lot accomplished as far as school and chores go which is always a plus.

In literature we are studying Ancient Greek Gods. Summer has never really been a fan of being read to and at this point does most of her reading herself but I felt that reading Greek Mythology would be slightly too advanced for her to read and comprehend at the same time without reaching her frustration tolerance level.

So, I began the study by reading her a brief history of the Gods and Goddesses with a description of a couple of the Gods and Goddesses. My plan was to cover a god or two a day. It was the first time in Summer's "school" history that she wanted me to keep reading after required "class" was done. She found Greek Mythology very intriguing I guess.

I guess I found it odd because it's one of those subjects that I could certainly live without and never found ANY interest in. Matter of fact, I was considering bypassing the subject totally. Times like these make you realize that your children might be "from" you but not "of" you and certainly have their own interests. So often we want to mold our children into what we want them to be instead of appreciating who they are.

Most of the week has been warm and of the things I love most about living closer to the equator. I especially love being able to see beautiful skies and sunsets. Although, living in the tropical region of Alabama had it's own special beauty so does the hill country/plains of Texas.

With the weather being so cooperative this week Brandi was even taking time out to enjoy the suns warmth.

We also had our weekly play date this week at the Children's Museum.

Summer and her friends spent most of their idle time enjoying the much missed trampoline and just hanging out enjoying the weather while it's cooperating.:-)

Oh, and one last note. While looking through our telescope that we got from Toby's Christmas party, Toby managed to spot the asteroid belt. COOL! You read about these things in books and see pictures of them but they never become reality until you see it for your self.

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  1. Molly was really intrigued with mythology, too. We used the Usborne mythology book last year, and it was one of her favorites. You just never know, do you? I'm looking for your controversial post. . c'mon, don't keep me in suspense. .