Monday, January 26, 2009

Some Things "New"

Well we finally purchased a second vehicle....A Toyota 4Runner. Toby had seen the add last week and thought it may be promising and within our price range. Thankfully, it ended up being a little less than what we had anticipated to spend.

Toby has always been a TOYOTA fan. When I first met him he owned a black Toyota Celica. As for me, I don't care what "brand" it is as long as it gets me from point A to B.

Here are some pics of the new ride...ironically, it is also a black Toyota.

Nothing fancy for sure, but it serves the purpose, it's paid for, and it will get us from point A to B....who are we trying to impress anyway.

Summer also gained a new "toy' this was also black.

Saturday night we stopped in to the new local Pizza and Wings establishment in Manor. Outside the establishment was this man...

For $5 and entry he was raffling off a guitar...

Let me was no professional raffle. He instructed me to write my name on his donation box with my phone number. It didn't really matter to me. Selfishly, my whole purpose in even striking up a conversation with this man was to get a pic of him. I find it odd that people tend to just gather anywhere and do anything they want around here and nobody seems to find it "odd"...but me, of course.

In the end, Summer ended up winning the guitar...I'm sure it's because I was the only one that entered the raffle. I guess she is really good at manifesting what she wants. She has been wanting a guitar for a while now.

Here she is with her new musical instrument. She actually does pretty well on it even though she has never had any instruction whatsoever...

As for me, I am just thankful that I now have an extra car that sits in my driveway if I need it.

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  1. Congrats on the new ride. I've always liked them there vehicles...almost bought one once but couldn't get past the doggie smell that came with it :~)

    Awesome deal on that there Gee-tar. Kaitlyn is taking Gee-tar lessons at church...she wants a hot pink one, but is stuck with brothers hand-me-down.