Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wedding Ring

In November 2002 as my mother lay on her deathbed, my dad slid her wedding ring off her finger and handed it to me. It was a really strange feeling. In the years growing up I would go through my mom's jewelry box and find all sorts of treasures. The rings always fascinated me the most. I would ask, "Can I wear this ring?" The answer would always be, "No, you might lose it".

Looking back I do remember one ring incident. I was probably about Summer's age or maybe even younger. She had let me wear one of her childhood rings. I was so young I don't remember all the details, but I do remember the ring got stuck on my finger and it had to be "cut" off of my finger. I'm not sure, but this incident may have been the reason for her ring stinginess. :-)

Forward to the present....I guess mom was always right about the "you might lose it" premonition. That's exactly what I have managed to do with the inherited wedding ring my dad gave me in that hospital room 6 years ago. I have manged to wear that ring faithfully on my finger for the past 6 years until today.

I have been noticing lately that my mother's ring was easier to slide up and down on my finger....whether it be from the few pounds I have shed lately or the cold weather shrinking my finger, or a combination of both, I have managed to lose it in some unknown location.

It's hard to retrace my steps in search for it. I really don't even know at what point it slipped off my finger. While typing on the computer I just looked down and it was gone. At that moment it was a sudden fear and sinking feeling of loss.......

I don't have many things...well, actually nothing of value to give my kids and I was hoping to pass my mother's ring on to Summer one day.

I have cried a few times about it since the loss, but I still have the hope that it may "show up".....maybe, just maybe.

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  1. Over the years I have collected a few small treasures that meant quite a bit to me. I gained most of them in my nine years of military traveling all over the world doing very interesting things. A house break-in in Mobile led to the loss of most of those items. While I am very sad for you that you lost the ring, I know having your family and your health are much more important to you... and to me.