Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's 2008


As in every year we didn't have a very eventful New Years Eve celebration. I can remember ringing in many New Year's in the bed asleep. New Year's isn't one of our biggest celebrations 'cause mama and Summer like to be in the bed at a decent hour or we turn into cranks.

This was the first year Summer actually was wanting to try and stay up until midnight. Because of the way our house sits on the hill you can view the city happenings from afar. We first experienced this on 4th of July. It's really nice to sit in your back yard and be able to view many different firework displays.

Earlier in the day, we had stopped by the firework stand and got fireworks for her and Toby to personally enjoy.

After they played with their firework purchases, Summer sat outside patiently waiting for the big firework displays. We tried to explain to her that not many people were going to be setting off their displays until midnight. Poor baby finally gave up around 10:30. I tucked her in and Toby and I popped in a movie.

It was pretty quite until midnight when all hell broke loose. There were displays everywhere! It was really spectacular. When Toby and I heard the wonderful celebration going on outside we just looked at each other and nodded in agreement.....we snatched the baby out of a sound sleep and ran her outside to see what she had so anticipated just a couple of short hours ago.

Unfortunately, that anticipation had been replaced with somber sleep. I think we scared her more than anything. She was not very happy to be outside in the midst of loud firework displays in the cold while barely awake. Our attempt to satisfy backfired on us so we headed quickly back inside.

Hindsight is always 20/20. I should have just left her asleep and Toby and I could have went outside and enjoyed the displays alone and in peace. Lesson learned...let sleeping children sleep unless there is a fire. I really hate that I missed most of it....maybe next year. I do have to make note that it was nice not to hear guns being fired off all night. That seemed to be my old neighborhoods mode of celebration. :-/


Well here's the good news! Toby has got a new job at one of the top tattoo shops in Austin. They are top rated in Austin and have a few different shops here. He has waited a long time for this and I am so happy for him.

He had a to meet at the new shop this morning to discuss hours, days, etc. After he returned we headed out to the park. The neighbors had just got back from their trip to California and Summer was really anxious to play with her friends so we invited them along. It was a perfect day for the park. The kids rode their scooters, played some basketball, etc., and just enjoyed playing together again.

While we were there Toby saw a guy that was a customer he had tattooed, so we spent some time chatting with him while the kids played. It was a very pleasant day. My intention was to be able to get in some much needed exercise on the walking trail. It didn't work out that way at the park but after we got home, I did manage to take a stroll around the neighborhood by myself while Toby played video games and Summer and her friends were jumping on the trampoline.

It's very relaxing and meditative for me to walk by myself. In the coming year I hope to start my walking routine again.....before it gets to be 105 degrees. :-)

This is going to be another great year and I look forward to it's challenges and surprises.


  1. Woo Hoo for Toby and the job!! That is awesome. And i learned the hard way too about letting sleeping children lie one night a year or so back when I was all excited about a lunar eclipse or something. I don't even remember now but my children were NOT impressed with my waking them up. Happy New year!!

  2. congrads on the new job. I was so tired from the opening of the resturant I made it til 12:10 just long enough to usher in the new year and then fell out.

  3. I don't want to get too particular here, but shouldn't the title be "New Year's 2009"?

  4. Hee,Hee...I giggled out loud and read the waking Summer post to hubby as that is totally something we'd do and also be bitten in the butt by it! Been there...done that!

    Congrats Toby!!

    Happy New Year Ackerman Family!