Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures in the Clouds

I really miss the trees and the tropical foliage of the Deep South, but to each yin there is a yang. The yang (or yin) of living here is there are not many trees, especially tall ones.....and ESPECIALLY in the farming community that I live in. Therefore, no tall trees obstructing vision means you can see how big the sky really is, how many stars there really are, and how beautiful a sunset and sunrise is.

Maybe it's because I can see more of the sky that I notice some of the prettiest cloud formations that I have ever seen. I walk out every evening as the sun is going down to see what kind of formations there are.

The other day I walked out to throw some trash in my outside garbage. I looked up into the evening sky to check out the clouds before I walked back inside.

The cloud creation was perfect! I had to run upstairs and full force speed and grab my camera off of my computer desk only to find out the batteries were drained in my camera from Summer using it to do video documentaries.

I then raced back downstairs and scrounged around for new batteries to insert into my camera. I finally got my camera under control and ran back outside in hopes that our gale force winds had not blown the "figure" into oblivion. Luck was on my is what I captured:

Hopefully everyone else sees what I least my daughter and husband did.

The really odd thing about it is, just the night before I saw the formation I had dreams of birds flying around my head.....I wonder what the significance of birds are????


  1. That is really an awesome capture. It's been a really long time since I have looked up and noticed any thing of the such. Now that I have a great camera and I am always taking photos, I will pay more attention.

  2. I see a goldfish. Since you didn't say what you saw, I have no idea if we see the same thing.

  3. I meant to post what it is I actually see and that would be a bird. It is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo.

  4. I see it, I see it...It's a dove! Beautiful...good job getting the shot despite the camera obstacles.

  5. Very pretty picture. Here are snow pictures we took here at the house last week,
    The winters here are much colder and longer than in Mobile, LOL. We are ready for spring right now.