Friday, January 9, 2009

A Passing Thought

Tomorrow will be my 10th Wedding Anniversary....well, I guess really 9. We lived "in sin" for one of those years. :-)

In my later years I have realized that every person that enters your life plays a part in your life lessons. I think about all my *important* past male relationships and I hold a special place in my heart for each one of them......excluding my first love.

My first husband Frank was the hub of my young emotionally damaged life, he was the first person that I ever carried on a meaningful relationship with and also the father of my beautiful son. Although we grew out of each other, or should I say I grew out of him, he is still like family to me and I believe he still feels the same about me.

My second great love Troy is too much of a sad story to even elaborate on but I hope he looks down on me and feels the same way that I do.

My third and hopefully last love is not only my husband but my best friend. I can truly say that with him I have everything wrapped into one. He is a wonderful father and husband. He likes to spend time with us and we are his priority. Summer thinks he is God's gift just for her. I enjoy his company more than anyone I have ever been with. To anyone on the outside he may seem like an odd individual, but to Summer and I he is our life. He can entertain me with his crazy antics, soothe me with his gentle hands, hold an intelligent conversation and just plain put up with me.

I may not live in an expensive house or drive a fancy car but I think I do have something most people don't.....a trusting, loving relationship with my kids and a husband that is as dedicated to our family as I am. They say you should save the best for last.....I guess that's what I have done. Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. Congratulations...and Happy Anniversary!

  2. I am glad that you guys are happy. Congradulations on 9 years.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! It is certinally a blessing to be in a happy meaningful marriage and that you find you still like eachother after lo these many years!!

    PS...I always thought Toby was a sweetie...I never thought he was odd!