Friday, January 2, 2009

McKinney Falls

I know I sometimes sound like an online travel brochure to promote Austin, Texas but I just can't help myself. This place is like a slice of heaven hidden in geode disguised as a city.

I want to know every inch and cranny of this very cool city and have to say that after only a year here know Austin as well as I did Mobile after living there 40 plus years. I have studied Austin maps and activity brochures with a passion. I am sure that if I had to, could land a job at the Austin Welcome Center. :-)

Our destination today was McKinney Falls. It's conveniently located right in Austin and is one of the places that we would love to camp.... that is when the record breaking extreme drought conditions cease. You know, no campfire, no camping for me.

I would say that our intention was to hike, but I realized today that most the time when you are hiking around here it is really half rock climbing.

McKinney is one of those places you could go to one hundred times and still not see everything. Here are some highlights of the day"

Summer enjoying the serenity:

Prickly Pear growing out of the tree might have to click on the pic to see it:

I'm sure these pics don't capture how high these cliff's are but my daughter was making me very nervous climbing so close to the edge of them:

The Indian Shelter.....this was really cool:


  1. I know what you mean about pictures not capturing depth. I don't know how many times I thought I had a good pic of people on steep cliffs only to see it didn't look that way at all. Didn't we go to McKinley Falls? It sure looks different without the water.

  2. Laura have you aver considered making a coffee table book of Austin and getting it published. Your pics are fabulous!!!