Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Zoo......Again

In the 12 years Toby and I have been together, we have been to many, many zoos. Zoos have always been on our agenda when we are looking for something to fill an open day.

So, the Austin Zoo it was today. Austin Zoo is a rescue zoo. It's not known to be one of the best zoos in the area but we like it anyway.

When we drove up in the parking lot we were slightly annoyed. There were about 20 buses or more in the parking lot. I think I can speak for all homeschoolers and say one of the biggest things that will make us cringe is a busload of schooled kids or crowds of any kind at a park or attraction.

So be it. We had already made the trek across town to the zoo so we weren't about to let a swarm of wild ones intimidate us.

There was such a large crowd that it was very hard avoiding the groups. We did the best we could.

Here are some typical zoo pics....

I guess the highlight of our day had to be watching this lion charge at some school kids that were taking enjoyment from taunting the lion....even though it clearly states on each and every cage not to harass or yell at the animals. After all, they are rescue animals.

As Toby and I watched the lion charge at the taunting kids a couple of times through the other side of the fence we secretly imagined what it would be like if the lion somehow busted through the fence and came after their asses. :-) Shortly, one of the keepers came out and reprimanded them.

After we finally left the chaos of the zoo it was past our lunchtime. We decided to try out another restaurant we had never eaten at...ironically it was another seafood restaurant Catfish Parlour.

I'm beginning to think I may have originally given Austin a bad seafood rap. In the past two days we have eaten at some delicious seafood restaurants. Catfish Parlour outdid Quality Seafood in our opinion.

Once we got home, we caught up on some of our outside chores. I hate to waste time on yard work, but someones got to do it.

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  1. Oh my, I don't read you blog for a month and Summer looks as if she's grown a foot. I do miss reading about you and yours, but with the end of the semester, I just have had the time nor inclination. Semester is ended and I'm back giving some time to myself again.