Thursday, June 14, 2007


After a pretty rough night Summer woke up about 10:00 this morning feeling fine with fever gone. She had fell asleep on the couch early last night so I just left her there until Toby and I went to bed. I took her to bed with us because I did not want to be awoken during the night. When she is sick she has a tendency to wake up periodically during the night and call for me. I had been giving her tylenol religiously since this morning , but before she fell asleep I did not give her any because I wanted to give her body a chance to fight off the bug. Anyway, I was awoken about an hour after going to bed by screams from her. I thought she was having a bad dream but then I noticed she was wide awake. She kept kicking the covers off of her and acting like there was something after her. She told me she wanted to go into her room and wanted me to go with her so I did. When we got in there she was still looking around frantically for the thing she called "bumps that were cracking and crumbling the floor". She was burning up with fever so at that point I thought it might be best to tylenol her up. She finally fell asleep again but later awoke taking the covers off of me and looking for "something" again. She was looking at me like she didn't know who I was and talking out of her head and putting her fingers in her ears to shut out some kind of noise that only she could hear. I felt of her and it seems the tylenol had brought her fever down but the hallucinations were still there. She was doing her best to drag me right into her little wakeful nightmare world. In the end, it all turned out o.k and I was relieved to learn that I wasn't the only child to ever have this happen. Luke never had hallucinations and Toby asked me what kind of "drugs" I was on when I told him about some of the things I remember "seeing" as a child when I was sick. Anyway, she was back to normal today and we are all grateful.

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  1. wow, that sounds scary! I'm glad she's ok now!