Thursday, June 7, 2007


I awoke this morning not feeling that much better than yesterday. I keep thinking that this "bug" will eventually go away an leave me alone. But like my mil says "When your a mom, you gotta just trudge on." So, I took Summer to the library weekly special. It was an African Dance Company and they were very I don't see enough "African dancers" in the neigborhood I live in, but these dancers were very cultured and not quite so vulgur in their displays. Summer really enjoyed it because they had the drums, or jimbays as they called them. Since Toby is a drummer and has a set of congos this really intriqued her. It was kind of hard for me to enjoy and concentrate though because I had left Toby at the house with a severe headache. He had originally planned on going with us but after lunch developed a headache that was very excruciating to him. Toby is very very rarely sick and even if he is he still is mobil. I dosed him up with medication before we left but by the time we got back he was still writhing in pain. My son was even sympathetic of him. Anyway, I rushed home after the library special and made him put vicks vapor rub under his nose and put him in a steaming tub with the door closed and the light off. Summer and I had a good time playing "doctor" in a G rated way and eventually his headache subsided. I made a joke by telling him he couldn't die because we needed his money but inside I was truly worried about him. Once his 4 hour long headache went away he drifted on into work....against the "doctors" orders of course.

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  1. Your "african dancers" comment made me giggle. I'll be thinking about that and chuckling all day now! I'm glad Toby is feeling better...I have those headaches too and they're no fun at all.