Sunday, June 17, 2007


My brother dropped my niece off at our house for Summer to play with today. They are only 6 months apart and are alot alike, but with only one difference. Summer is very active and tomboyish while Elenora is dainty and girly. This is where the clash came in. Summer was wanting to play outside kicking the ball and jumping on the trampoline while Elenora wanted to play barbies and watch T.V. Now Summer, not having any siblings close to her age or many playmates, was having to conform and she did good for a couple of hours but I could tell that by the time Elenora had went home they BOTH had had their fill of each other. All in all I believe they had a good time and the best part was when Lucas got into the pool with them and "made waves". I can tell you now that "Intex" pools are very sturdy and durable after seeing what my 18 year son was doing to it.

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