Thursday, June 28, 2007


Even though my brother is in town we have only seen him twice. We went out to eat last night.......Chinese, yuck. There are not many "shopping holes" in Viet Nam so when they come to America Diep keeps them in Walmart, the mall and Target. My brother makes a joke and says they just vacation here every year for the shopping. We were going to go canoeing Monday but there was a threat of rain so we decided to make it another day. I have been having an itch lately to vacation too.......or just an urge to get out of Mobile for a little while. We know we are going to move but we just havn't decided if we want to stay in Mobile or move more westward. I'm really tiring of Mobile. I have lived here all my life and we have exhausted every activity that there is here....which isn't all that much. With homeschooling I just feel the desire to move near a larger more cultured city with plenty of educational options. We don't have any close friends here and the only family I have here are my brother and my dad. My dad still gets around well and loves to travel so he told me he would come visit if we moved and I'm sure my brother would visit and vice versa. Mobile just doesn't seem very homey anymore.....maybe it's the neighborhood atmosphere I am in.

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  1. Come over to this side of the bay. We can become close friends!