Friday, June 8, 2007


Today was open play at Pump it Up today and we had been invited by some friends to meet up there. I am finally feeling back to normal today so I decided to take Summer. Originally Toby said he wanted to go but in the end I urged him to stay home and relax. It's great to have Toby and Lucas as playmates when there are no other choices, but since there were going to be "real children" there for her to play with I thought it was best to leave the big boy at home. After the play we went and ate at Chik fa le and then made a trip to the Thrift Store. Alot of people find other people's used things as "gross", my husband being one of them, but one of my obsessions is finding a bargain and I have found plenty of them at thrift stores and goodwills. I find alot of books, curriculum and teaching materials that I use for homeschooling. That stuff ain't cheap brand new! That's why God gave us the ability to invent soap and washing machines! I always tell him he better be glad I'm thrifty or he would be even poorer than he already is.......he agrees to that.

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