Friday, June 22, 2007


Summer and I went to the library special of the week today. So far we havn't much enjoyed any of them but the African Dance Company. I thought it was just me but Summer turned her nose up at the magician from today and the balloon guy from last week. Sometimes I think when you homeschool your child they see so much of the "big" world that the stuff that's made for everyday kids just isn't enough for their expanded minds.

Anyway, after the special we met Toby for lunch at the shop. We don't usually do lunch with him because you never know when a customer is going to show up right before we get there....but today we got lucky and was able to grab a bite with him.

I am looking forward to Saturday when my dad and brother will be back in from their cruise. I can't wait to hear all the details! I was thinking that I should wait before I go see them and give them time to rest after they get back in but then I thought.......Rest! They have been resting for a week!

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