Monday, June 4, 2007


Today we set off to the Museum of Mobile free day. When we got downtown the Museum wasn't open yet so we grabbed us some lunch and went to Bienville Square to picnic. It's a Sunday so downtown is mostly dead but there were alot of homeless people laying around on the benches so we had to hunt for a spot. During the week I don't really notice all the homeless.....I don't know if they have always been there and I just didn't notice for all the other people that work down there during the week. You never know what another persons life is like until you walk a mile in their shoes so I really don't have an opinion on the homeless but I was a little uncomfortable eating a meal while "hungry" people watched. Then again, you never want to offend anyone by offering food..... Anyway, Summer had brought her new scooter too so she had a blast zooming around on it and feeding the pigeons and squirells french fries. After that we ventured back to the Museum. They had a pottery artist there and there was a pottery craft for the kids so we got in some "art". Another great day to be thankful for. :-)

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