Sunday, June 3, 2007


Summer and I don't get bored too much but I have to say Saturday's are the worst. Toby and Luke are usually at work and I hate getting out in Saturday crowds (homeschooling spoil factor) so we usually end up doing this and that just trying to fill the day up. We ended up seeing a few yard sale signs so we stopped at a few of them. Summer was looking for a "razor" scooter and I was just looking for anything that caught my eye. Well, I hit the jackpot! I found a whole box of very useful teaching materials. The lady said she used to be a first grade teacher and this wall all her teaching aids. Just perfect, exactly the age I needed! She wasn't asking but $3 for the whole box but I gave her $5 because I grabbed a couple of more book outside of the box. I would have to say in my estimation, the stuff originally probably cost her well over $100. I was very grateful to have stumbled upon it. Needless to say, Summer never found her scooter so off we hit Toy'Rus and found one on sale $10 cheaper than it's original price. Now tell me we didn't have alot to be thankful for today! :-)

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