Thursday, March 12, 2009

An "Aha" Moment

This afternoon as I was driving down the long stretch of Parmer Road that leads me to and fro from my local shopping area, I was in-taking all the vastness and beauty of the farmland along the way. I commented to Summer how even though we have only been living here a little over a year, I felt like we have been here all of our lives.

She then said something to me that reminded me that everyone has a path. I believe we are all put here with certain people to do certain things, experience certain things, for a certain reason.

She said to me.."I love it here, I feel like this is where I am meant to be." How many 7 year olds think about where they are meant to be? Pretty deep thoughts for a kid...I never thought about stuff like "where I was meant to be" when I was a kid.

At that point I realized why me, the comfort zone kinda chick that I am, got the wild hair up her ass that made her made her start thinking about moving halfway across the U.S.

Looking back on it, my whole reasoning for wanting to move was for her. Was there some voice inside me that was instructing me? Obviously so. If it had been just Toby and I I'm sure I would have probably been content living my life exactly where I was.

When I first started my endeavor of relocating, Houston was our initial destination. Somehow Austin kept getting thrown into the mix. I would throw it out as soon as it got thrown in. After all, Austin was not on the coast where I was accustomed. In the beginning, Austin was out of the question no matter how much it kept jumping off the page at me.

After a while I started listening to my inner voice and decided to check out Austin's possibilities. Although not a coastal area, it began to look very intriguing to me. I soon found out that though not coastal, it was full of water calling themselves the Colorado River and Highland Lakes. Austin also had great reviews for being a very family oriented city with plenty of outdoor activities.

Bingo! Austin was it.

Whatever my little girl's path may be I know it will be something great. She is in a great city full of endless opportunities....exactly where her soul knew she needed to be to accomplish what she needs to.

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  1. Very cool. .and what an awesome thing for Summer to say. I love those kinds of moments. :)