Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday March 29, 2009

After all the activity yesterday we all could have used a little extra sleep this morning. Unfortunately, Summer was the only one that got to lounge around in the bed past "rise and shine" time. Toby had to get up and go to work and I like my peace and quite in the morning before Summer gets up.

It was a school day for us anyway. It's always a school day when Toby is at work even if that means it's a weekend day.

Later in the day we attended a birthday party for the two little boys a few houses down. It's hard to describe this birthday party unless I gave you a backround of the family....that would be a whole different blog within itself. I'm not really sure if I could blog about them gracefully. I will tell you this much...they homeschool their kids and they are the perfect example of homeschoolers that make the rest of us dedicated homeschoolers look like a joke.

Being neighborly, Summer and I trotted on down there with our gifts in tow a little after party time was to begin. K.K I will call her, was still struggling to get everything together for the party. The party was being held outside because there is no way she could have a party inside of her home...use your imagination.

So she was still trying to set everything up outside with 50 mph winds blowing and all the while hollering at her kids to stay out of the grass because there was rabbit poo out there. She would die if she knew Summer has done fake science experiments with the rabbit poo. :-)

The rabbit poo really bothered her, but it didn't seem to bother her that her grass had not been mowed in a very long time (I guess hubby's been too busy taking naps)and there were mountains of 10ft tall weeds. I was more worried about snakes than rabbit poo.

I don't know where she expected her kids to stand but on the 10ft by 10ft patio that she had the party table set up on. She had invited 30 people to the party. Thank goodness no one but us and two other neighbor families showed up. 30 people could not have fit on the 10 by 10 patio...since we were not allowed to step on the grass area because of the rabbit poo. (eye roll)

By the way, since her hubby was inside trying to take a nap during his kids birthday party he was not able to help her decorate or help with party preps. He did make sure that he came out periodically to "pipe down" the kids.

This family is a story within itself...I have been wanting to blog about them for months but can't seem to justify it in any non-judgemental way. I really like K.K. and she has a good heart but this poor woman needs some serious help. I have tried to be her friend and help her but K.K.'s idea of help and my idea of help are two different ideas. She is waiting on GOD to swoop down and save the day. I don't think she has ever heard the saying.."GOD helps those who help themselves."

Anyway, I think the kids ended up having as much fun as they could. K.K. finally gave up and let them walk out in the grass. After seeing her dilemma's today, I wish GOD would swoop down and help her out....I don't know what else to do for her other than being her friend, which is not going to solve her real problems.

After the party Summer played till dark while I tried to catch up on some wifely duties.

It was a beautiful day. A few times I thought I should be out with my camera taking pics. I just had too many things to catch up on inside. Unlike K.K. I can't function in chaos. :-)

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  1. You and me and our wacky neighbors!

    Looking forward to you post about your neighbor! As for me, I've not had verbal contact with mine for 8 weeks or more and it has been fantastic! Hoping for another 8!