Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a Life! From Summer's Perspective

I get up every morning when I feel rested and no sooner...unless we have a playdate or other activity planned.

My school work consists of basic math, writing, a lot of reading, and whatever other area might strike my we researched chimpanzees and studied the food pyramid. Yesterday it was the life of honeybees. I also helped my mom prepare meals in the kitchen and wash clothes.

Arts and Crafts are endless at my house. I have a huge craft box that I pull out whenever my creativity strikes me. Here is my latest creation:

I am fortunate enough to live in an area with plenty of educational resources. I visit many different museums, farms, nature centers....the list is endless. I view the world in my own way and form my own opinions about things without any controlled influences.

If I am sick, I can relax in my bed watching educational T.V. (P.B.S.) or have my mom read to me while getting a healthy supply of chicken soup delivered on my bed tray.

If something comes up and we miss lessons, I can always make it up at our convenience. I don't have "school hours".....all day long, every day, is school for me.

My public schooled friends are really jealous of me even though their parents are very skeptical. Their parents like to test me as though I were a performing monkey just to see if I measure up to their standards of learning. It doesn't matter to me though, I know that I know way more things about "real life' than what my public schooled friends do.

I can hold a conversation with anyone of any age. I can look adults in the eye without looking down at the ground in submission and I answer their questions intelligently. I know my manners when in a social setting and I get to use them everyday.

I have fun and learn something worthwhile knowing every day. I really appreciate my mom and dad for making the sacrifices it takes to give me such a grand opportunity!


  1. Isn't homeschooling wonderful?

  2. WOW...that's really impressive. She did a great job and spoke very wisely for such a young one.

    Great job momma and great job very grateful to know you both.

    This post only helps to validate my unschool vision for my family. This is what is life is all!

  3. Did she sit down & write that herself? I'm impressed! Benji was the same way with adults his whole life. They were always impressed with how he carried on an adult conversation & was so mature.
    Love homeschooling! Wish I had more kids.

  4. That was awesome! Very inspiring! A great entry to look back on when us Mamas have those 'doubting' moments.