Monday, March 16, 2009

Smart Stuff

Not too long ago I started noticing strange "designs" located around Manor. I would find them on city trucks, buildings, parks, houses, and even on a bottle of Dramamine I bought for Summer when she was having a strange bout with car sickness.

Every time I would see them I would point them out to Toby and say "What are those things?" Of course, he would always say "I don't know." without showing the least bit of interest in finding out what they were or even caring what they were for that matter.

Being the inquisitive person I am of my surroundings I set out to find out. My discovery was that our little city of Manor deserved a bit of recognition and these smartcodes were the reason.

I am not in the least up on technical jargon so I will let the clickable articles speak for themselves. It does seem that Manor seems to be the first city in the U.S. to implement the smartcode idea. Little ole' Manor.

I'm sure that most people reading this will find little or no interest in this post. I just thought Manor needed a little recognition for being a small city with a big idea forever lost in the shadow of Austin.

Good going Manor, Texas....we loved you even before you weren't recognized for anything but Gilbert Grape!

I have included some of my own pics of smartcodes around the city and some other random pics of Manor:

Smartcode outside the Manor Post Office.

Historic home of James B. Manor.

City Jail....where the bad boys and girls spend the night. :-)

Jennie Lane Park where the Farmers Market and city celebrations are held.

This is considered downtown Manor....notice the "famous" water tower in the backround and Manor Grocery where a lot of the filming of Gilbert Grape took place.

Manor's little podunk library. It's really kinda cool. They have a lot of vintage books. I have found books that I read as a kid in there. Brought back memories.

This is the Ben E. Fischer Park located on the same grounds as the library. How convenient. Looking at it, I don't know why I don't utilize the small town treasures more often. With Austin just a hop, skip, and a jump away, Manor always gets overshadowed by the big guy.

Here is the railroad track that runs through the Austin area. Notice the pink podunk library nestled against it.

Hope you enjoyed your little walk through Manor, Texas.


  1. You should really change your hyperlink appearance (maybe underlining, bolding or changing the color. I had to cursor through your whole blog before I found the articles you were talking about. Of course, I am just b-tching now... what could you expect from me, anyway?

  2. Thank you. The big mystery of our recent trip has been solved. We saw these signs about Manor and had no clue what they might be about. Yeah, who would have thought Manor, of all places. YOU'RE NUMBER ONE, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!!! Now what?