Sunday, March 8, 2009

God Was at the Park Today

The weather here in central Texas has warmed up considerably in the past couple of weeks soaring into the mid 80's. I have been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors. I know spring is around the corner and from experience I know before too long the sun will be blazing down burning holes in our skin.

Toby had a double shift at the tattoo shop today so Summer and I had plenty of time on our hands to do what we wanted. I decided that I would go ahead and make my "essentials" grocery store trip today instead of waiting to the middle of the week to work it in...just to get it out of the way.

When we got home from our grocery store trip we grabbed the neighbor kids and took off to the neighborhood park. The day was partly cloudy so although warm, it was not scorching.

The kids played in the park area and investigated the fishing pond:

The girls were scrutinizing something they pulled out of the pond that looked very much like a small brain:

Now here is the highlight of my day. On the way home we noticed they were breaking ground for the new Life Church that will soon be constructed on the main road that leads to the park and beyond. I made reference to it and told the kids maybe after the church was erected they could attend so they could be a part of some cool kid activities. Why else does a kid like to go to church anyway but for the cool stuff? The cool stuff is the bait for which they are lured and brainwashed.

After passing by the construction site, Lesly asked me if we attended church. I responded by telling her we do not attend church. She then said.."Neither do we, nothing they say makes any sense to any of us."

Looking back, it's kinda odd that after over a year of living next door to each other the church question just now came up. In Mobile, one of the first questions people will ask you when you first meet them is what church you are a memeber of or what faith you are.

Anyway, how many times in my life had I felt the same way as Lesly and her family. As a child I was forced to get up and go to church almost every Sunday of my young life and none of it EVER made sense to me. It was more of a burden behind those stained glass windows than a soul enlightening experience.

Obviously I am not the only one that feels that way. Snoring in Sunday morning service is always present by one person or another and I'm sure there are many people that wake up on a Sunday morning wishing they could be doing something else besides attending church. Out of religious obligation they end up where they don't really want to be...therefore not serving their soul.

We all have our own earthly path and to each his own. I am one of the lucky souls that tend to find God anywhere I decide to look for him/her/it. Whether it be in the trails I am walking, the birds I am watching, the sunsets I watch, the family I am adoring, or in the words I write in this blog. I don't need a building to worship in or some preacher man I don't even know or who doesn't even know me or my path to "lead me to God".....never have and never will.

Even though I did not attend church today, I found God all around me in everything that I did. Yes, I am one of the lucky few and I am very grateful for that knowledge.


  1. wow, laura! your post is really hitting home with me right now. i too grew up "around" churches visiting a few with my friends, but never was a "member." i even went to independent methodist in mobile (IMS)....i think i saw somewhere that you did, too. i must admit that eventhough my most favorite teacher taught there and the friends that i found worth remembering went to school with me there, the doctrine that was "taught" (forced) on us there absolutely scares me to death as i look back on it. i mean, really scary!

    for me, i have always felt close to God and have always had a relationship with Him. However, this year, since my kids were needing a social outlet and a few basic moral values never hurt anyone, i decided to start attending church regularly. and for the last 9 months or so, we have...and my kids love it. they miss it when we don't attend. however, the distorted views i was washed with when i was a child make it so very hard for me....and i even told my mom that for me, i feel closer to God when i'm not in church....i think the "clique" mentality and the idea of who's "holier," just clicks in with most church attendees even though they think otherwise. maybe i just haven't found the right place for "me" or maybe it's the ims garbage that's still polluting my mind....i don't know. i seem to have a huge problem with a man (albeit a "preacher") telling me that i need to be "saved" by him in his particular church, complete with a visit to a neighbor's backyard swimming pool for a little "baptism" in order to qualify for a chance to go to heaven. Ack! All I do know is that I am a Christian and I love God, but for me, church is NOT where I find Him. My God hears me where i am and i've been "saved" for at least 20 years and have lived my life that way....all without the "show" and a dip in the pool, lol! So, when you said that you find God everywhere....I totally identify and feel the same way.

    Sorry for rambling on....but this just hit a nerve that has been really raw lately :)

  2. I am a "to each his own" kinda person on spiritual stuff. You know, take what you like and leave the rest. I have had some amazing and some terrible spiritual experiences both within and without the brick and mortar building. Having said that, I find it is kind of hard to find 'my brand' of spirituality within a church building.

    For me, it is nice one day per week to have it 'scheduled' that I will go somewhere and spend a few quiet moments with God that I would otherwise neglect because of all my home duties.

    But you are very right...God is everywhere. Sadly, sometimes I am too busy thinking about me to notice.

    One of the things I find great about homeschooling is that I can clear up misconceptions or we have lots of good discussion on morality/spirituality on a regular basis.

    Good post, Laura!