Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homeschool Days at Pioneer Farms..and Then Some

Pioneer Farms holds their homeschool days twice a the spring and in the fall. Although we have been to the farm a few times and know everything that is there, I still like to show my support and help keep the farm going when they have events going on.

It was Toby's day off so he got to tag along with us. The event started a little earlier than what we are used to getting out so we left without eating breakfast. I had the understanding that there would be a hotdog stand there so I figured when we got there we would just grab some hot dogs for brunch and have a little picnic on the grounds.

Unfortunately, the hot dog guy never showed up. It's a good thing we had been to the farm before. We didn't have to hang around a long time looking at stuff while our stomachs were caving in.

Here are some pics of our morning:

Since Summer already had her heart set on a hotdog we headed to Dairy Queen for lunch. I don't get to eat greasy fast food too much anymore so Dairy Queen sounded great to me.

On the way as we were stopped at a light I spotted a vagabond taking a nap....heck, for all I know he may have been dead, underneath the highway. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of him.

The homeless and panhandlers are very common to Austin. They are camped out on most corners with their signs up and their hands out.

When I first moved here it made me very uncomfortable. I was not use to seeing so much begging from where I came from....well, not the kind of begging that didn't come in the form of a government check anyway.

I guess I have been desensitized to it now. It's commonplace and goes along with Austin intersections all over the city. Sad, but here you can't distinguish between who really needs help and who just comes in from surrounding cities to camp out on the corner and beg for their weekly paycheck.

After we got our bellies full on DQ we headed home. A mixture of spring break and beautiful spring weather had all the kids outside playing when we rolled into the driveway.


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