Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Spent on IH-35

The forecasted day was to be in the 50's and cloudy. A perfect day for an indoor activity. I keep a list of indoor stuff to do on days when the weather does not permit.

Today was family day at AMOA (art museum). I am not really crazy about this particular art museum but since it was family day and they were having an art activity for the kids I figured it was worth a shot for a cold dreary day.

Before I go on, I will tell you it took us an hour longer than it typically would to get downtown. Our main interstate here is a nightmare to drive. I won't drive it unless it is after 9:30a.m and before 3:00p.m. Although it's bumper to bumper, I have never had a problem driving it on the weekends.

Today was a different story. Right when we exited onto the IH-35 from Hwy.290 we saw the line that lead for miles up the interstate. Thank goodness there are plenty of feeders to get off of in cases like this.

We immediately got off onto the IH-35 service road. Unfortunately being the directionally challenged person I am, I took a wrong turn and sucked myself right back into the snail paced moving interstate traffic....tsk, tsk, tsk.

Toby and Summer were slightly irritated at my mishap. As for me, I wasn't all that upset about it. It gave me a chance to sight see and notice things I wouldn't ordinarily notice when I am traveling down the interstate at high speeds.

Maybe these pics will give you a slight visual of the traffic issues we were facing:

We finally made it downtown. The kids craft at AMOA wasn't all that cool to us...topped with the fact that we had been in the car for an hour past our lunchtime so we made it a quickie craft/museum tour and headed to the Barton Creek Mall..our next destination.

Never a dull moment in downtown Austin. As we were leaving the museum there was a parade going on outside. Not your regular parade might I add. We couldn't really figure it out but we assumed from the parade banners it was some sort of liberal political parade. I really wish I would have got a video instead of pics. The music they were playing was very uh.....interesting.

After the mall we had had enough indoor fun for one day. It seems like everybody else had indoor ideas today...the mall was packed. The only reason we even got the mall idea was for Summer to check out Build-a Bear's new "animals" if she needs anymore stuffed animals. O'well, I guess for now they are better than real animals. :-)

We stopped by blockbuster on the way home and got Summer Wall-E and The Bucket List for us parents. Time to settle in for a nice relaxing evening.

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  1. LOVE Bucket List!! Have you watched it yet??