Saturday, March 21, 2009


Summer immediately headed next door to play. A few minutes later she comes in telling me they are headed out into the greenbelt because they saw something big and hairy with green glowing eyes out and I both know that's a big fat exaggeration. :-)

Just getting home, all I wanted to do was sit down and chill out for a while. Typically, I am not an overprotective paranoid type mother but the thoughts of 4 elementary aged children out in the grassy greenbelt alone on a very warm day made me very uncomfortable. I saw plenty of rattlers in the yard last year so I know they are out there.

So what did I do? I went with them..flip flops, shorts and all. Honestly, I really wanted to go anyway. :-) I can never resist woods adventures of any kind. The tomboy in me proudly comes out during these times.

So here we are....or the kids right outside the fence headed out on our journey:

Deep in the greenbelt. We crossed a broken down old barbed wire fence. Not sure if it was from an old farm or a current farm.

We spotted a fairly large hole. We were contemplating on what might live in it. Whatever it was it had to be pretty big. The hole was obviously very deep from the amount of dug out dirt that was dug out from the hole. A coyote maybe?? A javelina??

I directed the kids to the area that I believed the unmarked historical cemetery was located. That is something that I have been wanting to see since I have moved into the house.

We got sidetracked on the way by an old pile of fence and wood. I was showing the kids the prickly pear surrounding the pile and how it had been eaten by some animal. I then noticed skin...snake skin. As I was waving them closer to look at the snake skin we heard it! The quick rustle in the pile of stuff immediately followed by the loud rattling of a snakes rattle!

Sorry no pics....I was too busy running fast as lightening right behind the kids at warped speed...flip flops and all.

I'm all for going out there again, but I'm not sure if the kids will be willing anytime soon. :-)

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  1. The hole looks like it is a gopher turtle hole. Wish I could be in the green belt with you!!!