Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buda, Texas

Not long ago I had the wild idea of purchasing a boat. We have Decker Lake and the Colorado River just a few miles down the road from us. My thought was that it would be crazy not to utilize our water access with it being in such close proximity of our home. A small floating vessell would be perfect for getting from one side of the water source to the other....part of my adventurous nature I guess.

So our destination for the day was Cabelas. Cabelas is in Buda (the U in Buda is pronounced with a long U sound) which is just a little south of Austin. They have several locations so if you live near any of them you have GOT to visit. Buda was one of our other suburb choices when we first moved to Austin but we never found any housing that appealed to us there.

I am not big on sports paradises but this place was more like an attraction than a store. Summer said it was better than a zoo. Thank goodness I brought along my camera just in case I saw any cool things to photograph on our day trip.

As usual there is no way my pics can capture the atmosphere of this place but here is my attempt:

There was a shooting gallery in there with different bulls eyes where you could pretend you were on a hunt.

There was also the aquarium...

They had some cool tent selections that we had a good time testing out....

They also had a restaurant and a toy section, but the best part was that it was all free...unless of course you were there to purchase a boat:


  1. Looks alot like our Bass Pro Shop recently opened in Spanish Fort...but the Cabelas had different animals.

    So...did you get a boat? We're in the market for one as well...

  2. I was about the write what Spaz wrote. It looks just like Bass Pro.

  3. I now have a blog. I couldn't figure out how to "follow" your blog, but mine is ShannonLaToucheworld@blogspot.com