Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day in the Park

We got up and out of the house at a decent hour this morning. While the weather is still cooperative we decided to check out a new park - Pease Park. The park is very close to downtown, but as with most parks near downtown you would never know it.

The park had a wonderful walking/biking trail we walked for miles and miles it seemed like. Hubby was on a mission in search of a tree he read about in one our Central Texas Hiking Guides. There was suppose to have been some sort of historical massacre underneath this particular tree some odd years ago. I really don't know why he was so determined to find this tree...I guess it's a man thing.

Summer and I didn't mind anyway, we are always up for a good long walk with new and exciting scenery.


On some of our trails there are signs that warn of falling rocks. I always cringe as I walk underneath some of these boulders...

Summer loves to climb the big trees we come upon. She seems to climb them with ease but always screams for help to get down them...

Here is the tree we walked miles in search of. Only problem was there was 3 trees....which tree was it we wondered????

Just because I thought they were cool pics:

We had a great walk, but I really need to invest in some sort of flip flop made for walking....

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