Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Today marks our second Thanksgiving holiday in Texas. It wasn't much different than the one we had last year. Moving to new places calls for new activities and traditions.

Not wanting to be strapped at home on Thanksgiving day cooking dinner for just the three of us (I do that all the time) we decided to do what we did last year....walk Town Lake. There are about 20 miles of hike and bike trail around the lake. Each time we go we try to walk a different end of the loop so we don't keep walking the same path over and over again.

Once again this year's weather was perfect. Here are some of the sights along our stroll...

Hmmmmm.........I'm sure there is a story behind this.

The fall colors were absolutely beautiful. By the end of our stroll we had walked close to 4 miles. We had a great day and plenty to be thankful for....a great city to live in, family


  1. It certainly seems as if you have a beautiful area for your walks. So much color and design to enjoy.
    ~ Just Joany
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