Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November ?????? 2009

I have not been in the mood to blog....not at all. It's especially hard to blog when my mind feels like a big blank.

We did go out today and there were a few notable highlights:

While at the red light near downtown, I discovered I needed to be in the other lane to get where I needed to turn. Since there was no one behind me, I backed up and pulled behind the car in the lane I was suppose to be in. For whatever reason, this guy I pulled in behind decided he was going to back up.

I tried to avoid him by backing up myself....why I didn't think about just blowing my horn to alert him that he was about to back over me I don't know.

Anyway, there are advantages to driving older model cars that already have years worth of dents and bangs. The damage was very minor. A little scratch and my headlight was pushed in slightly.

Instead of holding up Austin's already horrid traffic and waiting on the police to get there to fill out a report, we waved the guy on. He had a big truck so he certainly didn't have any damage. So now Betsy has one more ding to add to her collection of other dings and bangs.

Believe it or not all this happened in the amount of time it took the light to change. We didn't even have to hold traffic up.

The next notable event happened in Sears. Toby and Summer got into trouble playing on the escalator stairs. It was so funny to watch them being scolded. Summer looked a little worried but Toby didn't bat an eye....I could tell that he was obviously used to getting in trouble a time or two in his life.

I only wish I could be as calm, cool, and collective as he is. My face would have been beet red and I would have been looking for a place to hide. I have never once seen my husband get embarassed....and there have been many times that he should have.

He also spent some time at the jewelry counter helping an old lady set a watch she had bought. After he set her watch for her she asked him if he needed her to pray for him about anything. He told her no, that he was all good. :-)

After Sears we did our grocery shopping in the HEB next door. It was not my usual HEB and it was very crowded. We did manage to get a 10lb turkey for $4.

Last notable thing was that one of the neighbor kids from down the street threw up in my driveway. Whatever happened to kids staying home in the bed when they are sick??????????

Well, that's about it. Interesting stuff, huh???


  1. It IS interesting! I'm especially excited about the 10 lb turkey for $4!! WOW!! And Toby and Summer getting into trouble cracked me up! I can so see that!! :)

  2. I'm still giggling about the escalator! Hee hee!

    I believe Toby made up for it all helping that old lady with her watch!

    I've been having trouble being in the mood to blog too, as you can tell from my lack of updates lately.