Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I would have to mark this year's Halloween as one of my funnest and most memorable.

At noon we had to be at the Good Luck Grill with 4-H for an event called a Washer Tournament. Don't ask me, I have no idea what that is other than folks drinking beer and standing around throwing washers into the dirt. In my two years of living here, I have noticed people in this area like horseshoes and the washer "game". I have yet to research the washer "game" because it does not look like much fun to me...just as horseshoes is not.

Other than the tournament there were other activities for kids. Our 4-H group had a fishing booth and horse back riding. There was also a band, a pumpkin decorating contest, and food.

Toby won first place in the pumpkin decorating contest for adults and Summer won second in the kids group.

After our long day at the Grill we were wore out after we got home, but we had a couple of hours to recoup before we had to set out trick or treating.

Here are some highlights of the day at the Grill:

This pic will give you an idea of what washer toss is:

I guess I was too tired to snap pics of Summer in her costume or trick or treating. I just realized I have none.

We did make a few blocks of the neighborhood. I think Summer could have kept going but once we got into the "valley" of Golden Valley the temps dropped considerably and she got cold in her flimsy little vampire outfit.

We find as much enjoyment in handing out candy as we do in the trick or treating, so we headed back to the house to catch the late comers.

We then topped the night off by ordering us a yummy pizza delivered and watched a scary movie. :-)

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  1. Isn't the local culture funny? We have a game called 'Cornhole', where you throw a bean-bag full of corn, of course, through a hole in a wooden stand.

    Washer and Cornhole...all good excuses to drink beer and socialize. :-)