Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe You Didn't Hear Me....Or Maybe You Just Don't Care!

I haven't quite figured out people yet....I'm sure I never will. Do people not really listen????

I have expressed my views on religion many times to various family members/friends to no avail. Mind you, my religious - or should I say non-religious - views are never brought up unless I need to stop someone who is about to try and "convert" me to their thoughts and beliefs.

As far as I'm concerned there is no need for me to discuss my views, send dramatized e-mails about my views, or post my views on FB for everyone to have to endure.

They are my views and I prefer to keep them that way unless someone who has like-minded views wants to discuss them for conversation purposes only.

I believe most of my dilemma comes from the fact that I was raised in a religious home and attended Christian schools all of my school years. Throw in the mix that I lived in the Bible Belt all my life and I homeschooled in the Bible Belt for the first few years of my homeschool journey.

My political beliefs are also quite the opposite of my "social circle".

Just in case you haven't guessed by now, 98% of my acquaintances and family members are Christians and conservatives.

I certainly don't care about anyone's religious views and do have some very good friends that practice spirituality through religion. That is their choice. still, there are a select few that try to inflict their belief upon me. As far as I know they may not even realize they are being annoying. I'm sure in their mind they are just trying to "bring others to Christ" as they call it.

What irks me is those that persist on sending me their religious propaganda via e-mails. I get enough junk mail.

I think I am going to start pulling out all of my Agnostic literature and just start sending out mass e-mails on my beliefs about God, Jesus, and what my opinion is on the way you should get to "heaven".

I am then going to post every agnostic quote I can get my hands on and post it to my status on FB each and every day. I'm sure I would make tons of friends in this way.

I guess some people are so insecure with their beliefs that they feel if they constantly put them on display they will become real to them.

Hopefully I have been LOUD AND CLEAR this time.

I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure -- that is all that agnosticism means. - Clarence Darrow


  1. Your post made me think about my social circle...In Alabama, most people I associated with were christian, and on the conservative side politically. Now I'm finding my social circle here is much more politically liberal and non-christian.

    Incidentally, I love hearing about others' beliefs, particularly non-christians, even if they aren't identical to my own. People's religious beliefs and their reasons for them are quite fascinating to me! I admit, I do more listening than talking. So I guess I'm not doing my part for Christ?? :-)

    I guess I just feel like people who model Christ for others are doing more for Christianity than those who shout about it at every opportunity.

    However, at present I make sure to totally duck out of any and all political discussion. I find it annoying moreso than informative. Ick.

    While I feel like I haven't budged on my personal beliefs, I do find the shift in my social circle very interesting.

    Good, thought-provoking post, Laura! :-)

  2. Okay...so I don't "think" I've sent your any of my "Godly" emails, well, I MAY have slipped in one a time or two...but really only if I thought you might like something about it. So in return PLEASE do not send me any of your junk, LOL.

  3. YES, YES, YES....do not knock on my door and hand me stuff that will merely add to my pile of paper recycling. I describe my sister as being born way too many times -- I think 23 and counting. I would die to defend you right to believe what you want, just don't expect me accept your beliefs, period. 'Nuf said.