Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raising Hackles

When I was married to my first husband, he used to have this friend that loved to get a rise out of people. He would do and say anything to piss people off. It was a big thrill to him. Watching this guy made me realize how easy it is to offend or make someone mad.

He loved to play a game with Frank and I. Every time he would see us he would say.."I bet I can get you two in a fight before I leave." Getting Frank and I in a fight really wasn't that hard to do anyway but just for the sake of playing along we would do our best not to get mad at one another to prove him wrong.

It never failed. No matter how hard we would try, this guy would end up getting us in a squabble. He just had an evil way about him. He really didn't care if people liked him or not and delighted in watching other people get mad.

Anyway, that brings me to my point. I find that I have the tendency to do the same thing to a certain extent.

Human ego is a very sensitive thing and very amusing to watch. I have taken notice that the majority of people don't mind giving you their opinions, thoughts, or beliefs on any particular issue, but the minute you have a different opinion, thought, or belief they get offended or upset.

I wonder why we think it's o.k to give our thoughts on an issue, but if someone else has a different thought they are wrong??? Zealous religious people are the worst.

I have made many of my religious "friends" mad to the point that they won't even speak or respond to me anymore because I had a different opinion than theirs on GOD. Conversations about GOD are always one sided anyway. Some people have not realized that no matter how much they believe in something it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing for someone else.

I sometimes find when I get to feeling a little bored with life I tend to try and raise hackles. It's amazing how easy people fall into the trap and get caught up in the drama of a situation.

This pastime of mine is probably one of the reasons I don't have a whole catalog of friends.....

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  1. Oh, I don't know about that. Just how abrasive were you? If they were true friends, they would realize that your were just pulling their strings.....