Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday November 3, 2009

Nothing noteworthy for the day. Today was actually suppose to be our weekend but Toby ended up taking a co-workers shift at my insistence. I had to stick around the house waiting on the a/c guys to come and make their last adjustments to our a/c so I figured if I was going to be bound to the house anyway Toby should at least try and make a little money....which of course he didn't.

I wouldn't call it a totally wasted day. Even though today was not a scheduled school day we used it as one. I figured I could use today as a makeup day.

Summer and I spent the morning outside enjoying the glorious weather...and running from the swarms of bees. It seems all creatures great and small seem to think it's Spring. My spring flowers are blooming and the insects have come out of hiding. With our drought this past year we didn't really have a spring per say so now that we have had some rain and spring-like weather nature is taking it's course.

Well, I have to go so I can brainstorm our activity for the week.

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