Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday November 4, 2009

Today is one of those days that did not go as planned. I had bought some discount coupons for Austin's Park through Groupon a couple of weeks ago. The plan was that Toby and Summer would go to Austin's Park for a little dad and daughter time while I did a little Christmas shopping and got little time to myself.

I guess I was so excited about getting some "me" time that I didn't think about the fact that Austin's Park hours were conforming to the school system's schedule and would not open until 3:00p.m.

I don't know who was more disappointed, Summer or me. Both of us bounced back pretty quick and tried to make the most of the situation.

It was lunchtime so we grabbed some lunch in Round Rock at Fazoli's. Since we were in Round Rock we tried to brainstorm something we could do in the area. We finally decided we would go to the outlet. We had never been there that I have been there I won't be going back. There was nothing at all notable there for us....

After the outlet we went to Target, Best Buy, and HEB.

I had it in my mind that when we got home I wanted to check out that trail I mentioned yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time I had done my chores that needed to be done it had gotten dark.

We did get to work in a family game of Monopoly....very long game, but fun.

I'm also a little bummed tonight. I was expecting and looking forward to my son's visit in a couple of weeks for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Too make a long story short, he has some very important tests that he will be taking before he graduates in December. Although, he was insisting on driving an 11 hour drive for Thanksgiving day, I convinced him that it was best to stay there and focus on his exit exams. I would rather know that he was safe at home than driving on the highway by himself on Thanksgiving eve only to turn around and drive back the day after Thanksgiving with exit exams on his mind.

Anyway, I am hoping that after he graduates in early December he will be able to come and stay for awhile...

All in all, even though our day did not go as planned, it went well.


  1. You are a good hearted mom to tell him to stay...

  2. Well it sounds like you made the best of it. I agree with you take on having your son drive, only to turn around and drive back the day after Thanksgiving. I will only have one of my children home for the holiday.