Sunday, April 11, 2010

Belief Systems

I have been reading a lot of good books lately. Most of them would be classified as New Age, Scientific, Philosophical, or Metaphysical. I like books that enable me to ponder different perspectives other than the ones that society or my upbringing inflicted upon me.

The idea that I am powerless to a God outside of myself who picks and chooses whom and when "he" will help, never really rang true to me and pissed me off most of my young life. This "belief" along with the "educational" ideas I choose to practice with my daughter, make me a real oddball to family, acquaintances, and society in general. I have never been "normal" and hope never to be if the society I witness is deemed "normal".

Being an oddball may not be such a bad thing anyway. Who wants the puppy in the pet store that has the coloring and markings like all the other puppies. At the end of the day, everyone always wants the odd colored or different looking pup.

So, back to my book...Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. The book talks alot about belief systems. We are all brought up to believe certain things...usually brought down from generations of like beliefs.

All children are born innocent, trusting, loving and with a rich imagination.
Children's ability to learn, dream, trust, excel and explore are encouraged or discouraged during early years. The children's consciousness are continually being shaped into adolescence and onto adulthood by continuing memories, myths, and messages from family, environment peers, society, their culture and lessons learned from painful mistakes or rewarding experiences and successes.

In the end, the belief system of this person has been formed and becomes the guiding force in their life. Decisions, judgements, reactions, actions, habits, feelings, thoughts of limitation or aspirations for the highest are determined by your belief system.

A bad experience in school, being told you wouldn't amount to anything, a failed relationship or failed business venture, and an environment that doesn't nurture hope, education, self-reliance or creativity can shape your belief system. This belief system shaped will be based on limitation and low expectations from self and life.

Self-checklist: Have you learned to limit yourself?

Do you still dream?
Do you believe you can change your present circumstances for the better?
Do you believe that some people are just lucky, smarter, prettier, faster or more worthy than you?
Do you believe it's too late to start again?
Are you feeling like a hopeless victim because you don't see anyone in your environment rising above and overcoming negative conditions?

What you believe determines what you can achieve in your life. If you believe that you are poor you will be poor, if you believe there is not enough (scarcity) there will never be enough, if you believe that if you don't believe in the right "God" you will go to hell, you will go to hell (only in your own thoughts and mind). The belief list goes on and on.

Be willing to read, leave your comfort zone, open up to new ideas, new places and new people. Believe again as a child, in the impossible.

Don't let an old belief system keep you from succeeding in a relationship, a career, financial freedom or that dream whatever it may be.

Belief systems are hard to change in most ordinary folks. Then again, everyone has their own "truth" which doesn't make anyone else's "truth" less or more than what it is....A BELIEF.


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