Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking Notice

Most every day I see or hear things that catch my attention. Little things that most of us are too busy or preoccupied to notice.

I never have, nor ever have had the desire to meditate....well not the kind of meditation that you sit around cross-legged going ohmmmmmmmm, but I do try to absorb my surroundings and take notice of the things in this illusionary world that encompass me.

My first observation came this morning. I found a bug in my bathroom sink. I had only seen this type bug once in my whole life...just this past weekend at the Earth Day Festival. There was a display of the different creatures that were found in the Colorado River and it just so happens the bug I saw in my sink this morning was one of the bugs on display.

I contemplated how this bug that lives in the river got into my sink. Had he somehow hitched a ride home with me from the Festival? Or had he managed to get caught in the sewer somewhere and crawl his way up into my sink? I couldn't help but wonder about his journey..

My next observation came from the post office. I had to mail a package so I went inside to do my business. When I got in there, there was a little old couple in there. The couple had to fill out the mailing form before they could mail their package.

"Gramps" was under the assumption that he could just "break line" when he was done filling out his form. "Grandma" was trying to talk logically to him and keep the peace all the while Gramps was giving her and everyone else a piece of his mind.

Gramps oozed a man with a bad attitude emphasized by old age. I wondered how his very sweet, patient wife endured him daily. Hopefully she knew him to have more positive qualities that weren't apparent to any of us in the post office this morning.

After I left the post office my next errand was the grocery store. My drive to the grocery store view is composed mostly of farmland. I always incorporate sightseeing into my grocery store trips by watching the cows and horses along the way.

This morning I noticed two horses on the ground rolling around on their dogs would. I had never seen horses behave in that way before. I wish I could have stopped off on the side of the road and just watched them frolic for awhile......

The last thing today that caught my attention was Summer's little neighborhood friend. I have seen this little girl many times in the past but for some reason today I noticed that she was "cross eyed" or "lazy eyed" Once I noticed it I realized that it was much more than just a little noticeable.

I wondered why I had never noticed it before. Sorta like the experience of traveling the same road many times and then all of a sudden noticing something on that road you have never noticed a house, business, tree, object, etc.

As I age I have noticed that I have become more aware of my illusionary toys.

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