Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Week So Far......Day 3

The last time Lucas was here he had expressed an interest in touring a cave. So, a cave was our destination today.

Just because we had recently visited the Longhorn State Caverns Cave, we decided to try out another cave that none of us had seen before...Inner Space Caverns.

Inner Space was a bit pricier than Longhorn and much more crowded. It did have a little more to offer as far amenities. There was a playscape and panning for gems for kids.

It's hard to say which cave was better. I guess a cave is a cave, but I would have to say that I enjoyed Longhorn a smidgen more. Maybe it was because we were the only tourist and were able to ask questions freely, and it was bit more glistening with an abundance of crystals...and of course there were not 1,000 little school kids running around. :-)

That said, Inner Space was worth the money we paid and I certainly would give it a thumbs up.

Here are some pics of our day....

This is fake cave art done by a UT art major but I thought it was pretty cool anyway...

After our hour and half cave tour we were way overdue for lunch so we stopped in and ate some Texmex at Chuys....Mmmmmmm good!

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  1. Nice to y'all enjoying the beauty of central is really lovely place, and I miss it. Haven't been to talkative lately because of my classes and all the rain we've had. Two different rain storms within two weeks brought us more than 12 inches rain -- the basement flooded twice. Don't ell me you can't take good wild flower pics, hard to miss with the abundance of all the colors.