Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This week our "field trip" was to the Bodies Exhibit. Austin is the last stop for the exhibit and I was determined I wasn't going to miss it.

Since we weren't allowed to take pics inside the exhibit, I don't have any pics to post. You can check it out here.

Not only was Bodies fascinating to me, it has also been controversial. I just had to see what all the hoopla was over dead, preserved bodies on display.

Just a personal opinion on my half, but once a person is dead they are dead....no matter how they died they are still dead and no matter how much the living feel they need respect the dead person is still dead and most likely no longer concerned about what is done with his/her shell...just as a butterfly is not concerned with his cocoon after he has transformed.

Before we went to the exhibit we grabbed some lunch at a suggested seafood restaurant. Good, fresh seafood is not very common in these parts. We have found tolerable seafood but nothing like the seafood you find on the coast...of course not, this is not the coast.

BUT, I do have to say that Quality Seafood was comparable if not the same as what I have eaten on the coast. They also had a store inside the restaurant where you could buy fresh seafood. The selection was large and appeared fresh. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was back on the coast. Two thumbs up for Quality Seafood.

After we got our tummies full we set off for the exhibit. The exhibit was pricey, but I have to say that Toby and I were intrigued. Summer was also very curious about the whole thing. I even spotted her reading some of the descriptions of certain body parts and the info posted on the walls. That in itself is more a miracle than what our bodies are. :-)

One thing for sure, I am glad we are not a modest family or squeamish about body parts and nudity. Genitalia was not scarce and it was interesting to see what lies underneath our shell. I was glad Summer got to experience what lies underneath all of our skin in a very up close and personal way. There is nothing better than visual aids and hands on experience when learning about our body...or anything for that matter.

Since I didn't get to use my camera in the exhibit, I managed to take a couple of lame pics of UT campus from the top of the parking garage. Sorry, this is all I have to offer for pics of the day...

Here is the UT Tower in the photo..

To the left of this pic is the edge of the UT stadium...

It was a good day.


  1. Sounds like something I would go and see, the body is a wonderful mystery...

  2. Quality Seafood has been in Austin forever -- we use to wait for the trucks to arrive early on Friday morning bringing shrimp caught the night before. I do miss fresh Gulf shrimp. We'd do that about once a month -- buy 5-10 lbs of shrimp, and have a shrimp-boil. Put an oil cloth on the table, then layers of newspapers, make a big pile of shrimp, and dive in. It's get real messy, and the beer would flow. We were doing that the night that Ellen's water broke, and Libbie was born early the next morning.