Monday, April 19, 2010

What Did You Eat Today?

I'm not much a a movie or T.V watcher unless I am watching with hubby. That said, when the mood strikes me I do sometimes have the guilty pleasure of watching a "chick flick" while he is at work and Summer is occupied otherwise.

Yesterday afternoon I had a little free time on my hands so I flipped through my little collection of On Demand Netflix movies. Recently I had added the movie Julie and Julia to my selection.

It was one of those iffy movies. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I decided to give it a try. Mostly the blog part about it intrigued me the most.

I have to say that although the movie was a bit monotone it did keep my interest enough to finish it. Definitely a chick flick...

In summary, the movie is about a girl who decides to blog and document her progress about her attempt to cook every recipe in Julie Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Here you can even read the real life blog that prompted the making of the movie.

After watching the movie it got me to thinking about what people eat daily. Eating is a large part of our daily lives. To some folks, a really big part.

So this is what I have had to eat today from the moment I awakened:

This morning....a bowl of leftover potato salad from the day before.

In the afternoon...a kids meal at Panda Express. (I prefer to order a kid's meal when possible because the portion is less) Mandarin chicken and chow the rest of Summer's chow mein that she left on her plate.

This this very moment I am eating a small bowl of nacho cheese flavored bugles. Yes folks, that is my dinner. I probably won't have anything the rest of the evening but maybe a pickle or a cheese stick.

Not the healthiest menu, but certainly not the unhealthiest. Maybe for the next week I will give a side note of my daily meals. It is always interesting to see what other people cook and least to me. :-)


  1. Interesting: I had a few pieces of fresh mango, apple and pear for breakfast with some roasted pistacios. I had a nut natural power bar as a snack and drank a chocolate whey protein drink before working out at lunch. When I finished I ate a small bowl of unflavored oatmeal with honey,almonds and raisins mixed in, and now I am munching on pumpkin seeds (shell and all). I am also on my third cup of instant coffee. It sounds like a lot now that I write it down, maybe I should cut down on my intake; it isn't even 2:00pm yet... oh, and someone left some Hawaiian macadamia nuts dipped in caramel out (mmmm good!)

  2. I started the day with a bowl fo fruit salad, (home made.)
    Then in between clients I had a soy flat white (coffee) and a banana.
    And for my tea, in an hour or so after my run I will have chilli tofu and rice, with maybe some avocado and onion.......
    Oh and lots of water too :-)

  3. Nursing a baby makes me hungry ALL the time!

    Bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast, leftover homemade chicken pot pie for lunch, granola bar, few easter sweet tarts, some--well lots--of raw carrot sticks and endame beans with italian dressing, then meatballs and a twice baked potato for dinner. Dang, that's a lot!