Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Week So Far......Day 2

Tuesday Morning. Lucas has been battling the snorts and sneezes ever since he arrived in Texas. Austinites claim the cedar is horrid and that it will eventually get you. Personally, I have never felt better since moving allergies, colds, or anything of the sort...weird, huh???? I guess it's true that happiness is the key to health. :-)

So, I have been trying to help keep Lucas as comfortable as possible with a nightly dose of drugs. Luckily, he is not a whiner and is trudging right on with little complaint.

We were having Summer's b-day party at Austin's Park. Being it was the middle of the week the park didn't open until 3:00p.m.

On the way to the park, we stopped and picked up Jordan. The girls were SOOOOO excited.

With it being during the weekday and off season, thankfully the park was not crowded. The minute we got there all the "kids", Toby and Lucas included took off to take advantage of the activities.

I knew I was going to be stuck at the table watching the cake and everyone's stuff so I was smart enough to bring my latest reading material.

At the end of the day, I think everyone had a blast. The "kids" had a blast playing, and I was in heaven reading my book in a sunny corner window with no interruptions.

Here are some pics of our little small, personal party.....


  1. What a cut cake! Sometimes small is so much more enjoyable - especially for the birthday girl. I can remember more than one birthday party spoiled by too many hormones.

    Hope Lucas begins to feel better soon.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I like to read, too, when I am "waiting". I am really content with a book. The cake is really cute.

    Poor Lucas, I know exactly how he feels!