Friday, April 9, 2010

Texas Proud

The other night as I was tucking Summer into bed and she said to me..."ya know mom, every time I hear the word TEXAS I feel proud.". Hmmmmm.....I guess it doesn't take too long of being in it's presence that "Texas Proud" rubs off on you.

You can feel it everywhere you go...or at least in the Austin area. That positive feeling of being a part of a city that cares about their surroundings. A place that nurtures it's citizens and makes it welcoming and accessible for families.

Lucas even noticed it while he was visiting last week. He pointed out how everyone was all about Texas here. From the longhorn symbols plastered to the back of their vehicles, the Texas jingles that accompany all the local commercials, to the Texas Stars affixed to their homes. It's obvious that everyone here loves Texas. You just can't help but to love Texas once you have experienced that city unity.

I wondered...why is it?? What is it about a city, state, or another specific area that makes someone nurture it to the point that it's "loved"? What is it about an a city that makes everyone want to flock there?? Are like individuals automatically drawn to an areas that fit their personalities and lifestyles??

Maybe it's one of those things like, why does everyone want to drive a Toyota or Honda instead of a KIA or a Hyundai....

What is it about your city that you love the most?? What is it that attracts you and keeps you in it's presence???

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  1. My friend Nancy was born & raised in the Fort Worth area. I lived next door to her in SC for 8 years. There was Texas stuff all over her home. She decorated with it & I don't think anyone that knew her could not know she was from Texas.